Dear Sir,
We are writing from Accra, Ghana in response to circular sent to us by Moosa Salie. Secretary of the Pan African Network of Sufferers and Survivors of Psychiatry, about the forced incarceration of Anthony Milne at a Psychiatry Hospital in Sotuh Africa where is being subjected to all manner of inhuman treatments.
We learnt from Moosa that Police beat him and that at the hospital is being given medication and injections very much against his will. We view these actions as serious violations of his freedom and human rights.
As a user organization based and operating in Accra, we feel very much concerned about these developments and have to condemn same in no uncertain terms. They are clearly in serious infringements of his human rights and also runs counter to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
And we are also sure that South Africa’s constitution and other laws do not permit such inhuman practices.
We therefore call for the immediate and unconditional relaease of Anthony now! We demand that those found culpable of subjecting him to these serious abuses of his freedom and right to choose the treatment he prefers. 
Once again we ask that Anthony Milne be released immediately!
Dan A. Taylor
MindFreedom Ghana
Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 21 774 261