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*** Will Hall, recently featured in Newsweek.

*** Psychiatric survivor Lauren Tenney on “We The People” memorial
vigil for Esmin Green.

*** Psychologist Toby Tyler Watson, new director of International
Center for Study of Psychiatry and Psychology.


*** MindFreedom’s director and psychiatric survivor David W. Oaks,
also a psychiatric survivor.


WHEN: *This* Saturday, 13 June 2009

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More about show guests, who are Mad Pride activists and allies…

WILL HALL recently featured in Newsweek about mad pride. Will is a
widely-respected community organizer in the “Mad Movement.” He is co-
coordinator of The Icarus Project, co-founder of Freedom Center, host
of Madness Radio, and a consultant for Mental Disability Rights

His website is http://www.willhall.net.

LAUREN TENNEY, psychiatric survivor activist from New York State will
discuss the upcoming “We The People” vigil to remember Esmin Green,
whose horrendous death in a psychiatric emergency waiting room was
captured on video and shown nationally. Lauren was first involuntarily
institutionalized at 15, and has been a psychiatric survivor activist
since 1992. Says Lauren, “My goal is to help stop forced psychiatric
procedures, detainment, and confinement, human rights violations,
psychiatric abuse and torture.”

More info: http://www.TheOpalProject.org and http://www.etrash.tv.

TOBY TYLER WATSON, Psy.D. of Wisconsin is the brand new International
Executive Director of the International Center for the Study of
Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP), a network of mental health
professionals, advocates and others reforming mental health care. Dr.
Watson is also a practicing psychologist, and a leader in providing
non-drug mental health alternatives.

More info: http://www.icspp.org.

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Host is MindFreedom director DAVID W. OAKS psychiatric survivor, who
will report on recent Minnesota and San Francisco protests.

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