..”.no regulatory entity of any kind oversees the creation and publishing of psychiatric categories, psychiatric diagnosis is not grounded in high-quality science, its use does not improve outcome (does not reduce human suffering), and it carries enormous risks of harm. The kinds of harm include but are by no means limited to the loss of custody of a child, a job, one’s health insurance (or having skyrocketing premiums), and the right to make decisions about one’s medical and legal affairs. People diagnosed as mentally ill often receive poor care for their physical problems, because their reports of physical symptoms are explained away as the imaginings of a disordered brain. Victims of sexual assault are too often pathologized — often diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, or both — rather than receiving the respectful, compassionate care they deserve. As a result, their utterly understandable upset about having been attacked is used to “prove” that they are mentally ill. Furthermore, being diagnosed makes it easy for the perpetrator to claim that the victim imagined the attack, lied about it, or brought it on herself.”