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Sensationalist headline story in yesterday’s Sunday Times, makes unsubstantiated and unscientific claim that one third of South Africas are mentally ill or mad.—most-won-t-get-any-help

Tiffany Fawn Jones is the author a new book on psychiatry and apartheid available from Amazon

How did we come to see adolescence as a problem?

Worse yet, how did we come to accept some dodgy doctor’s treament of adolescence as some kind of diagnosable mental illness?

and one that is best dealt with by administering life-long medication with expensive, colourful little pills about which we know very little ? Really?

We know a lot more about how we learn and how we’ve evolved and how our brain works than we did even ten years ago.

Evolutionary and developmental science suggests adolesence is not an abberation or a problem of lost cuteness- but actuially an adaption that enabled us to both survive as a species and to make progress as a society.


Although the NY Times still confuses terms such as psycedelics with hallucinogens — I prefer the word entheogen to describe plant teachers, its is a step in the right direction.

Here is the article:

Scientists have finally proved what we always knew, “Mental Illness’ boosts creativity. Time to shift the criteria for classifying people as “mentally ill”?